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CH0824  Safeguard an Offering.   
CH0825  Advising the Commander on Accommodating Religious Practices.   
CH0826  Army Doctrine for Unit Ministry Team Operations.   
CH0827  Unit Ministry Team Mobilization Planning I.   
CH0828  Unit Ministry Team Mobilization Planning II.   
CH0838  12  Practice of Ministry Paper.   
CH1311  Chaplain Support Activities: the Chaplain Assistant’s Role.  71M 
CH1312  Accommodating Religious Practices for the Chaplain Assistant.   
CH1313  Unit Ministry Team Crisis Counseling: the Chaplain Assistant’s Role.  71M 
CH1315  Support Religious Education Activities.  71M 
CH4106  10  Training the Unit Ministry Team.   
CM1203  Radiation Dosimetry.  54B 
CM1204  Operation of the M12A1 PDDA.   
CM1205  Operation and Maintenance of the 50–GPM Pump.  54B 
CM1207  Maintenance of the M12A1 PDDA.   
CM1301  Chemical Detection and Reporting.   
CM1303  Implement Mission-Oriented Protection Posture (MOPP).   
CM2206  14  Chemical and Biological Reconnaissance.  54B 
CM2300  Operational and Thorough Decontamination Operations.  54B 
CM2302  Supervise Decontamination Operations.  54B 
CM2304  10  Planning Radiological and Chemical Surveys.  54B 
CM2306  14  Radiological Operations.  54B 
CM2307  Nuclear Reporting.  54B 
CM2308  Calculate and Compute Nuclear Data.  54B 
CM2402  Biological Sampling.  54B 
CM2506  12  NBC Decontamination Concepts.  54B 
CM3201  10  Operation and Maintenance of the Tank and Pump Unit.  54B 
CM3204  10  Operation and Maintenance of the M3A4 Smoke Generator.  54B 
CM3208  Troubleshooting Procedures for the M3A4 Smoke Generator.  54B 
CM3209  Flame Field Expedients.  54B 
CM3300  Conduct Smoke Operations.   
CM3305  Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of the M157 Smoke Generator System.  54B 
CM3401  Effective Downwind Message.  54B 
CM3404  Chemical Agents/Compounds.  54B 
CM5204  16  Nuclear Warning and Reporting.   
CM5206  16  Nuclear Weapons Effects.  54B 
CM7105  Operation and Maintenance of the M8A1 Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm System.   
CM7106  NBC Logistics.  54B 
CM7112  Smoke Pots.   
CM7114  11  Chemical and Biological Operations.   
CM7116  Radiological Monitoring and Survey.   
DI0130  Introduction to Community Relations.  46Q/R 
DI0140  Public Affairs and the Law.  46Q/R 
DI0200  Introduction to Journalism.  46Q 
DI0210  12  Fundamentals of News Writing.  46Q 
DI0220  10  Copy Editing.  46Q 
DI0230  Writing Headlines.  46Q 
DI0240  10  Feature Writing and Editorials.  46Q 
DI0250  10  Still Photography for Journalists.  46Q 
DI0251  Photojournalism I.  46Q 
DI0252  Photojournalism II.   
DI0253  Photojournalism III.   
DI0260  15  Newspaper Design and Layout.  46Q 
DI0300  Introduction to Broadcasting.  46R 
DI0310  10  Techniques of Broadcast Journalism.  46R 
DI0320  Basic Announcing Skills.  46R 
DI0330  Radio and Television Interviewing.  46R 
DI0340  10  Radio Broadcasting Techniques.  46R 
DI0345  Radio II.   
DI0350  10  Electronic Journalism.  46R 
DI0351  10  Electronic Journalism II.  46R10 
DI0370  10  Television Lighting, Audio, and Scenery.  46R 
DI0390  Television Graphics for Broadcast Journalists.  46R 
DI0401  Advanced Public Affairs.   
DI0405  Newsgathering Systems and Print Selection.   
DI0410  Advanced Public Information.   
DI0420  Advanced Command Information.  46Q20 
DI0430  Advanced Broadcasting.  46R20 
DI0440  Managing and Reviewing Radio Television Products.   
DI0450  Perform As Chief Radio Announcer/Maintain Broadcast SOP.   
DI0460  Plan and Produce an Electronic Field Production/TV Spot Announcement.   
DI0500  Senior Public Affairs.  46Q30/40, 46R30/40 
DL1101—DL1110  10  Russian Reading.   
DL1201—DL1210  10  Russian Listening. (presently unavailable)   
DL2101—DL2110  10  Polish Reading.   
DL2201—DL2210  10  Polish Listening. (presently unavailable)   
DL3101—DL3110  10  Czech Reading.   
DL3201—DL3210  10  Czech Listening. (presently unavailable)   
EN0053  Explosives and Demolitions.  12B/C 
EN0054  12  Engineer Intelligence and Reconnaissance.  12B/C 
EN0064  12  Roads and Airfields I.   
EN0065  15  Field Fortifications.  12B/C 
EN0069  14  Frame Structures.   
EN0113  10  Construction Print Reading.   
EN0158  20  Utilities I.  52C 
EN0353  20  Nonstandard Military Bridges.   
EN0365  21  Roads and Airfields II.   
EN0375  19  Construction Management.   
EN0389  Utilities II.   
EN0390  Military Railroads.   
EN0391  Land Clearing.   
EN0501  22  Combat Engineer.  12B/C 
EN0508  24  Bridge Specialist, Part 2.  12C 
EN0533  11  Carpentry III.  51B 
EN0562  10  Painting I.  51B 
EN0563  12  Painting II.  51B 
EN0591  20  Surveying I (Mathematics and Survey Principles).  82B/D 
EN0592  17  Surveying II (Plane and Surveying Operations).  82B/D 
EN0593  22  Surveying III (Topographic and Geodetic Surveys).  82D 
EN0594  12  Surveying IV (Construction Surveys).  82B 
EN5110  12  Prepare a Plumbing Takeoff List (Plumbing I).  51K 
EN5111  11  Water Supply (Plumbing II).  51K 
EN5112  11  Waste Systems (Plumbing III).  51K 
EN5113  12  Plumbing Fixtures (Plumbing IV).  51K 
EN5114  11  Repair Valve and Fixture Control Devices (Plumbing V).  51K 
EN5115  Clear Waste System Stoppages (Plumbing VI).  51K 
EN5140  Prepare an Electrical Materials Takeoff List.  51R 
EN5141  Install Service Entrance Systems.  51R 
EN5142  Install Electrical Boxes.  51R 
EN5143  Install Conduit Systems.  51R 
EN5144  Install Systems, Equipment, and Component Grounds.  51R 
EN5145  Install Convenience Devices.  51R 
EN5146  Install Circuit Protective Devices.  51R 
EN5151  Design Forms for a Concrete Wall.  51H 
EN5152  Design Forms for a Concrete Column.  51H 
EN5153  Design Forms for an Overhead Concrete Slab.  51H 
EN5154  Estimate Materials for a Wall Form.  51H 
EN5155  Carpentry I.  51B 
EN5156  Carpentry II.  51B 
EN5157  Masonry.  51C 
EN5160  Prefabricated Structures.  51H 
EN5161  Mats and Membranes.  51H 
EN5258  Brake Systems.  62B 
EN5259  10  Diesel Fuel Systems.  62B 
EN5260  Hydraulic Systems.  62B 
EN5261  Establish and Maintain a Technical Reference Library.  62B 
EN5262  Engineer Construction Equipment-Steering System.  62B 
EN5263  Schematic.  62B 
EN5264  12  Engineer Construction Equipment Test, Measuring and Diagnostic Equipment.  62B 
EN5266  Engineer Construction Equipment Maintenance Concepts and Operations.  62B 
EN5301  Map Mathematics (Cartography I).  81C 
EN5302  20  Grid Construction Plotting and Projection Graticules (Cartography II).  81C 
EN5303  Aerial Photography (Cartography III).  81C 
EN5307  Color Separation (Cartography VII).  81C 
EN5308  Map Editing (Cartography VIII).  81C 
EN5309  Map Overlays (Cartography IX).  81C 
EN5316  Estimating Time and Materials For A Lithographic Project.  83F 
EN5319  US Army Lithographer.  83F 
EN5341  Geology and Surface Material Analysis.  81Q 
EN5453  10  Soils Engineering.   
EN5458  Flexible Pavement Structures.   
EN5459  Bituminous Pavements.   
EN5460  LOTS and Ports.   
EN5462  Geology.   
EN5463  Quarry Operations I.   
EN5464  Quarry Operations II.   
EN5465  10  Drainage Engineering.   
EN5466  Concrete Engineering.   
EN5478  10  Equipment Utilization.   
EN5480  The Engineer in Defense.   
EN5481  Armored Battalion/Task Force Attack Planning.   
EN5482  Introduction to Planning River Crossing Operations.   
EN5483  Direct the Employment of Engineers.   
EN5484  The Engineer Company As Infantry.   
EN5485  Obstacles and Survivability Operations.   
EN5501  Landmine Warfare, Part I.  12B 
EN5503  Landmine Warfare, Part II.  12B 
EN5581  Explosives and Demolitions.  12B/C 
EN5621  Conduct Reconnaissance Part I.  12B 
EN5622  Conduct Reconnaissance Part II.  12B 
EN5700  Junior Enlisted Environmental Awareness Training.   
EN5702  10  Small Unit Leaders Environmental Awareness Training.   
EN5704  12  Senior Leaders Environmental Awareness Training.   
EN5707  Comply with Host-Nation, Federal, State, and Local Environmental Laws and Regulations.   
EN5708  Supervise Platoon Compliance with Host-Nation, Federal, State, and Local Environmental Laws and Regulations.   
EN6005  40  Assistant Division Engineer.   
EN6010  45  Assistant Brigade Engineer.   
EN6015  40  Engineer Brigade and Battalion Task Force Heavy.   
EN6020  40  Task Force Engineer (Light).   
EN6030  45  Engineer Brigade and Battalion Executive Officer (XO).   
EN6035  30  Engineer Battalion/Brigade S1.   
EN6040  10  Engineer Battalion/Brigade S2.   
EN6045  40  Brigade and Battalion S3.   
EN6050  35  Engineer Battalion/ Brigade S4.   
EN6070  30  Engineer Brigade Platoon Leader (Heavy Divison).   
FA3003  Record and Maintain DA Form 4513.  13B 
FA3074  Hasty Survey.  13B 
FA3117  Field Artillery Cannon Ammunition.  13B 
FA3119  Field Artillery Ammunition III.  13B 
FA3143  Duties During Firing.   
FA3147  10  Maintenance Supervision of The M102 Howitzer.  13B 
FA3149  Maintenance Supervision 155mm Howitzer M109/M109A1–A3 Self–Propelled.  13B 
FA3150  Maintenance Supervision of M198 Howitzer.  13B 
FA3151  Maintenance of the Carrier Ammunition Tracked (CAT).  13B 
FA3173  Supervise Measuring and Report Correct Data.  13B 
FA3175  Verify and Perform Lay and Alignment by Using the M–100 Series Sight.  13B skill levels 1 and 2 
FA3310  Sweep and Zone Fires.  13B 
FA3311  Fire Control Alignment Tests for the M109–Series Self-Propelled Howitzer.  13B 
FA3312  Use and Operation of the Gunner’s Quadrant.  13B 
FA3313  Maintain DA Form 2408–4.  13B 
FA3314  Maintenance on the M–119 Light Towed Howitzer.   
FA3330  Boresighting the M–109 Series Howitzer.  13B 
FA3350  Duties During Boresighting the 155mm M198 Towed Howitzer.  13B 
FA3351  Perform Fire Control Alignment Test on the 155mm M198 Towed Howitzer.  13B 
FA3420  Primary and Alternate Method of Laying the Firing Battery and Measuring the Azimuth and Orienting Angle.  13B 
FA3422  Perform the Duties for Laying the 105mm M102 Howitzer.  13B 
FA3424  Laying and Verifying the Lay of the 155mm M198 Towed Howitzer for Quadrant Using the Range Quadrant.  13B 
FA3427  Calibration and Muzzle Velocity Management.   
FA3428  Field Artillery Communications Systems Architecture.   
FA3429  Field Artillery Combat Service Support Operations.   


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