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IN0760  Offensive and Defensive Operations.   
IN0764  Operations.   
IN0766  Company Fire Support Operation.   
IN0768  Light Infantry Company/Battalion Plans.   
IN0769  Mechanized Infantry Organizations and Planning.   
IN0772  Planning a Battalion Deployment/Field Training Exercise.   
IN0800  Fundamentals of Air Assault Operations.   
IN0801  Planning for Indirect Fire Support and Air Defense—Part I.   
IN0802  Plan for Indirect Fire Support and Air Defense—Part II.   
IN0810  Mechanized Company/Team in Offensive Operations.   
IN0813  Battalion Task Force in Retrograde Operations.   
IN0821  Tactical Doctrine (Offense).   
IN0822  Tactical Doctrine (Defense).   
IN0828  Operations in Desert Special Environments—Part I.   
IN0830  Combat Support/Combat Service Support (Mechanized Infantry Task Force).   
IN0831  Battalion Task Force Offensive Operations.   
IN0832  Battalion Task Force Operations (Defense).   
IN1008  Individual Combat Techniques—Part I.  11B/C/H/M 
IN1009  Individual Combat Techniques—Part II.  11B/C/H/M 
IN1010  Individual Combat Techniques—Part III.  11B/C/H/M 
IN1012  Individual Combat Techniques—Part IV.  11B/C/H/M 
IN1013  Infantry Fire Team Leader Techniques—Part I.  11B/C/H 
IN1014  Infantry Fire Team Leader Techniques—Part II.  11B/M 
IN1015  Infantry Squad Leader Techniques—Part I.  11B/C/H/M 
IN1016  Infantry Squad Leader Techniques—Part II.  11B/H/M 
IN1055  Mortar Section Leader Tasks.  11C 
IN1056  Infantry Mortar Field Techniques.  11C 
IN1072  M966 HMMWV TOW (Light).  11H 
IN1074  Infantry Squad Leader Techniques (Bradley Fighting Vehicle), Part I.  11H 
IN1075  Infantry Squad Leader Techniques (Bradley Fighting Vehicle), Part II.  11M 
IS0102  Introduction to the Tactical Employment of Army Aviation.   
IS0103  History of the Warrant Officer.   
IS0341  Chemical and Biological Reporting.   
IS0342  NBC Intelligence.   
IS0343  10  NBC First Aid.   
IS0344  Use and Maintenance of Protective Masks and Clothing.   
IS0345  Operations in an NBC Environment.   
IS0346  Chemical Detection and Decontamination.   
IS0347  Individual Survival in an NBC Environment.   
IS0500  Standards in Weapons Training.   
IS0788  Land Navigation.   
IS0821  15  Self-Aid/Buddy Aid.   
IS0823  Health Service Support of Combat Operations (Advanced).   
IS0824    Buddy Aid Tasks.   
IS0825    Medical Tasks.   
IS0826    Combat Lifesaver Instructors Manual.   
IS0902  Introduction to Wheeled Vehicles.  63B 
IS1100  Signal Operation Instructions (SOI).   
IS1132  Antenna Systems.  13B/E/F, 17B/C, 82C, 93F 
IS1133  Operation of Radio Set AN/PRC–77 (SOJT).  31K 
IS1143  Radio Wave Propagation and Antennas.  31C/E 
IS1202  Personnel Management.   
IS1203  10  Service Benefits and Retirements.   
IS1460  10  Effective Army Writing.   
IS1600  Chaplain Support Activities (Basic).   
IS1703  Methods of Instruction (Effective Speaking).   
IS1705  Safety Management for the Supervisor.   
IS1801  Legal Aspects of Internal Armed Conflict, Review of the Law of War.   
IS1802  Basic Course on Geneva/Hague Conventions.   
IS1803  Basic Principles of Military Justice.   
IS1804  Advanced Principles of Military Justice.   
IS3001  Introduction to Order of Battle.   
IS3002  Intelligence Fundamentals.   
IS3003  Soviet Armed Forces.   
IS3004  Ground Surveillance Assets.  96R 
IS3005  Safeguarding Defense Information.   
IS3007  Electronic Warfare.   
IS3008  10  Southwest Asia I.   
IS3009.  10  Southwest Asia II.   
IS3010  Northeast Africa, South and Southwest Asia Military Equipment Identification I.   
IS3011  Northeast Africa, South and Southwest Asia Military Equipment Identification II.   
IS3012  North Korean Armed Forces.   
IS4400  Visual Aircraft Recognition.   
IS4401  Small Arms Defense against Air Attack.   
IS7000  Operational Concepts.   
IS7003  Army Organization and Equipment.   
IS7004  Plans, Orders, Annexes, and Symbology.   
IS7006  Military Operations Other than War.   
IS7008  Staff Procedures, Organization and Functions.   
IS7032  Military History.   
IS7033  Battle Analysis.   
IS7034  The Role of the NCO in Leadership, Part I.   
IS7035  The Role of the NCO in Leadership, Part II.   
IS7036  The Role of the NCO in Leadership, Part III.   
IS7038  11  Leadership   
IS7045  Describe NBC Defense Concepts.   
IS8700  Overview of Training Management.   
IS8701  Prepare to Conduct Training.   
IS8706  The After-Action Review.   
IS8710  Planning Training.   
IS8711  Executing and Assessing Training.   
IS8718  Training/Training Management I.   
IS8719  Training/Training Management II.   
IS8720  Explain Leader Training Responsibilities.   
IT0110  Personnel Security Program.   
IT0113  10  Reporting and Disseminating Intelligence Information.   
IT0300  Elementary Signal Theory.  98K 
IT0301  Basic Communications Information.  98H 
IT0302  Introduction to Radio Direction Finding.   
IT0303  Direction Finding Analysis.   
IT0305  Direction Finding Plotting Requirements.   
IT0306  Border Coordinates.   
IT0307  Prepare a COMSEC Account-Daily Shift Inventory.   
IT0309  Single Station Location (SSL) Operations.   
IT0310  Introduction to Cryptanalysis.   
IT0312  10  Uniliteral Substitution Systems Using Mixed Cipher Alphabets and Recovery of Mixed Cipher Alphabets.  98C 
IT0332  Powers of Ten and Conversion of Electrical Units.   
IT0333  OHM’s Law.   
IT0334  Circuits.   
IT0335  Introduction to Cells and Batteries.   
IT0336  Elements of Electrical Physics Statics.   
IT0337  Elements of Electrical Physics, Dynamic Electricity.   
IT0338  Introduction to Logical Troubleshooting.   
IT0339  Digital Numbering System.   
IT0340  Conductors, Resistors, Insulators and Color Codes.   
IT0341  Atomic Structure.   
IT0342  Basic Operations of Boolean Algebra.   
IT0343  Basic Concepts of Boolean Algebra Conversions.   
IT0344  Basic Laws of Boolean Algebra.   
IT0345  Boolean Simplification, Veitch Diagrams.   
IT0346  Boolean Application.   
IT0348  Work, Power, and Energy (Electrical).   
IT0349  Magnetism and Electromagnetism.   
IT0350  AC Theory-Related Mathematics and the Generation of a Sine Wave.   
IT0351  Capacitance.   
IT0353  Inductance.   
IT0421  Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations.  96B; 
IT0423  Intelligence Officer Responsibilities.   
IT0425  Introduction to Battlefield Technical Intelligence.   
IT0426  Weather Support to Tactical Operations.   
IT0427  U.S. National Intelligence Structure.   
IT0431  RC MIOAC, Part I.   
IT0432  14  RC MIOAC, Part II.   
IT0433  RC MIOAC, Part III.   
IT0458  Introduction to Imagery Analysis.  96D 
IT0462  12  Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.   
IT0464  Operations Security.   
IT0466  Military Intelligence Law.   
IT0468  Intelligence in Combating Terrorism.  97B/E 
IT0469  U.S. Army Doctrine, Combat Units, and MI Organizations.   
IT0471  12  Third World Countries.   
IT0478  Intelligence Support of Division Operations.   
IT0480  Intelligence in Support of Internal Defense Operations.   
IT0502  Maintain Radar Set AN/PPS–5 (Series).  96R 
IT0503  Tactical Operations and Planning.   
IT0504  Tactical Planning and Ground Surveillance Radar Employment.  96R 
IT0505  Prepare Equipment Destruction Plan.   
IT0506  Prepare Radar Site.  96R 
IT0507  Prepare Surveillance Card and Plotter.  96R 
IT0508  AN/PPS–5 (SERIES) Radar Set: Operator Adjustments.   
IT0509  Coordinate Radar Team Employment, Logistical Support, and Site Selection.   
IT0510  Introduction to REMBASS.  96R 
IT0511  REMBASS Sketch Map, Sensor Data Analysis, Records and Reports.   
IT0513  Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM).   
IT0514  REMBASS Sensor, Anti-Intrusion DT–561/GSQ, DT–562/GSQ, DT–565/GSQ.   
IT0515  Ground Surveillance Plan.   
IT0523  Install, Operate, and Disassemble Radar Set AN/PPS–5 (SERIES).  96R 
IT0524  Initial Activation, Charging, Testing, and Maintaining the BB 643/PPS–5 Battery Assembly.   
IT0525  AN/PPS–5 (SERIES): Target Detection.  96R 
IT0527  The AN/PPS–15A(V)1 Radar Set.  96R 
IT0550  Introduction to the Intelligence Analyst.  96B 
IT0552  Use of Intelligence Products.  96B 
IT0553  Determine Requirements for Maps.  96B 
IT0557  Target Development.  96B 
IT0559  Perform and Supervise Duties and Functions in the Intelligence Center.   
IT0560  The Collection Effort.   
IT0565  Preparation of the Intelligence Estimate.  96B 
IT0566  Prepare Analysis of the Battlefield Area.  96B 
IT0583  10  Strategic Intelligence.   
IT0590  Prepare Intelligence Documents for Dissemination.  96B 
IT0596  Terminate an Interrogation.  97E 
IT0597  Captured Document Handling.  97E 
IT0598  Use of Interpreters.   
IT0599  Approaches.   
IT0600  Supervise Interrogation, Interpretation, and Translation Operations.  97E 
IT0601  Questioning Techniques.  97E 
IT0602  Interrogation Plan Preparation.   
IT0603  Tactical Interrogation Reports.  97E 
IT0604  Screening Operations.  97E 
IT0606  Interrogation Operations.   
IT0619  Operate and Maintain the AN/AKT–18B Transmitting Set.   
IT0626  Data Terminal Employment Considerations.   
IT0637  Selecting Entry Zones on Aerial Imagery.  96D 
IT0638  Identify Engineer and Decontamination Equipment on Aerial Imagery.   
IT0639  Uncontrolled Mosaics.  96D 
IT0640  Imagery Titling Data.  96D 
IT0641  Prepare Airfield Analysis Reports.   
IT0642  Perform Railway Analysis.  96D 
IT0643  Imagery Interpretation Keys.  96D 
IT0644  Vertical Photogrammetry and Imagery Coverage of an Area.  96D 
IT0645  Identifying NATO Units on Aerial Imagery.  96D 
IT0646  Plot Vertical Aerial Photos and Master Cover Trace.  96D 
IT0648  Extracting Order of Battle Information from Intelligence Reference Material.  96D 
IT0649  Detect Camouflage and Analyze Defensive Measures on Aerial Imagery.  96D 
IT0651  Identify Towed Artillery on Aerial Imagery.  96D 
IT0652  Analyze Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery.   
IT0653  Analyze Side-Looking Airborne Radar Imagery.  96D 
IT0654  Infrared Imagery.  96D 
IT0655  Identify Tanks and Self-Propelled Artillery on Aerial Imagery.  96D 
IT0658  Tactical Imagery Interpretation Facility (TIIF).  96D 


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