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PT1300  64  Defense Basic Preservation and Packing.   
EN6010  45  Assistant Brigade Engineer.   
EN6030  45  Engineer Brigade and Battalion Executive Officer (XO).   
EN6015  40  Engineer Brigade and Battalion Task Force Heavy.   
EN6005  40  Assistant Division Engineer.   
EN6045  40  Brigade and Battalion S3.   
EN6020  40  Task Force Engineer (Light).   
EN6050  35  Engineer Battalion/ Brigade S4.   
EN6070  30  Engineer Brigade Platoon Leader (Heavy Divison).   
EN6035  30  Engineer Battalion/Brigade S1.   
MU3310  29  Traditional Harmony 1: Primary Triads and the Dominant Seventh Chord.   
MM0707  28  Computer Fundamentals.  918 
MM0706  26  Electronics—Part II.  918 
SS0728  25  System Troubleshoot the Intercommunication Set AN/VIC–1(V) with Medium Power FM Radio and FM Radio and COMSEC Equipment (Vinson).  31V 
EN0508  24  Bridge Specialist, Part 2.  12C 
AD0437  24  Corrective Maintenance of the Patriot Radar Set (RS), Part V.  14E 
AD0426  24  Corrective Maintenance of the Patriot Radar Set (RS), Part IV.  14E 
AD0418  24  Corrective Maintenance of the Engagement Control Station (ECS) and Information and Coordination Central (ICC).  14E 
OD0010  23  Electrical System Component Repair.  63H 
PT3200  22  Defense Marking for Shipment and Storage.   
EN0593  22  Surveying III (Topographic and Geodetic Surveys).  82D 
EN0501  22  Combat Engineer.  12B/C 
QM6322  22  Technical Training 92G30.   
FI0710  21  Basic NAF Accounting.   
EN0365  21  Roads and Airfields II.   
EN0353  20  Nonstandard Military Bridges.   
EN5302  20  Grid Construction Plotting and Projection Graticules (Cartography II).  81C 
EN0591  20  Surveying I (Mathematics and Survey Principles).  82B/D 
MM5012  20  Troubleshoot Lightweight Doppler Navigation Set AN/ASN–128 (SOJT).   
MM5024  20  Direct Support Maintenance of Direction Finder Set AN/ARN–89 (SOJT).  35L, 35W, 918 
EN0158  20  Utilities I.  52C 
AL0993  19  Army Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines.  151A 
EN0375  19  Construction Management.   
MU3322  19  Jazz Harmony II: Chord Progression.   
MM0705  19  Electronics—Part I.  918 
SS0438  18  Installation/Troubleshooting Telephone Substation.  31L 
MM0440  18  Calibration Operations.  35H, 918 
OD1749  18  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning III.  52C 
MU3314  18  Traditional Harmony II: Secondary Triads.   
SS9807  17  Installation of the Automatic Telephone Central Office AN/TTC–41(V)2 (SOJT).  36M 
EN0592  17  Surveying II (Plane and Surveying Operations).  82B/D 
AV0975  17  Preparation and Maintenance of Individual Flight Records.   
MM0487  16  Infrared Calibration.  35H, 918 
PT4000  16  Defense Packaging Data Systems(Code Interpretation).   
MM0750  16  High Frequency Fixed Station Radio Systems.  35E, 35W, 918 
CM5206  16  Nuclear Weapons Effects.  54B 
AV0586  16  Accident Prevention Management Process.   
CM5204  16  Nuclear Warning and Reporting.   
FA4025  16  Field Artillery Map Reading.  13B/C/E/F/M/N/T, 39C, 82C, and 93F 
EN0065  15  Field Fortifications.  12B/C 
JA0151  15  Fundamentals of Military Legal Writing.   
JAA151  15  Fundamentals of Miltary Legal Writing for the Legal NCO.   
AV1996  15  The Air Traffic Control Central AN/TSW–7A.  93C 
JA0021  15  Law of Military Installations.   
MM0703  15  Basic Electricity—Part I.  918 
IS0821  15  Self-Aid/Buddy Aid.   
TR0603  15  Rail Operations Planning.   
DI0260  15  Newspaper Design and Layout.  46Q 
JA0036  15  Fundamentals of Military Criminal Law and Procedures.   
SS0725  15  System Troubleshoot to Corrective Action AN/VRC–12 Series Radio Set with COMSEC Equipment, Part I.  31V Level I 
OD0606  15  Repair Parts Supply.   
QM6321  15  Common Leader Training Phase III.   
AD0443  15  Corrective Maintenance of the Patriot Launching Station (LS), Part II.  14T 
AD0447  15  Corrective Maintenance of the Antenna Mast Group (AMG).  14E/31F/31M/31R 
TR0671  15  Railway Track Maintenance II.  88T 
IT0667  15  Imagery Analysis Reports/Requests Preparation in USMTF Format.   
TR0638  14  Rail Operations, Dispatching.  88U–W 
FA9001  14  Firing Charts.  13E 
CM2206  14  Chemical and Biological Reconnaissance.  54B 
OD1750  14  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning IV.  52C 
OD1748  14  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning II.  52C 
CM2306  14  Radiological Operations.  54B 
OD0011  14  Chassis Components Repair.  63H 
EN0069  14  Frame Structures.   
SS0754  14  Operate SINCGARS Single Channel.  31K 
MM0462  14  Model 5345A Frequency Time Measurement System.  35H, 918 
IT0432  14  RC MIOAC, Part II.   
MU3323  13  Jazz Harmony III: Chord Scales.   
SS0344  13  Microwave Techniques.  31M 
SS0440  13  Installation, Maintenance, Recovery, and Service of Telephone Cable WD-1()/TT or WF-16/U.  31L 
MM0731  13  Maintenance of Radio Set AN/GRC–106.  35E,35W, 918 
FI0921  13  Basic Statistics.   
QM2063  13  Accounting for Property—Part I.   
SS0755  13  Operate SINCGARS, Frequency Hopping Operations.  31K 
QM6303  13  Combined Arms Support Part IV.   
MM0474  13  Power Measurements.  35H, 918 
QM0333  13  Basic Food Preparation.  92G 
SS9808  12  Operation of the Automatic Telephone Central Office, AN/TTC– 41(V)2 (SOJT).  36M 
MM0410  12  Local-Battery Telephone Principles.  35N, 35W, 918 
QM6320  12  Common Leader Training Phase II.   
IT0462  12  Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.   
MM0704  12  Basic Electricity—Part II.  918 
IT0471  12  Third World Countries.   
EN0054  12  Engineer Intelligence and Reconnaissance.  12B/C 
FI0844  12  Disbursing Operations: Part III.   
EN5264  12  Engineer Construction Equipment Test, Measuring and Diagnostic Equipment.  62B 
EN5113  12  Plumbing Fixtures (Plumbing IV).  51K 
FI0843  12  Disbursing Operations: Part II.   
FI0842  12  Disbursing Operations: Part I.   
FA9003  12  Fire Mission Procedures.  13E 
FA9004  12  Registrations.  13E 
EN5704  12  Senior Leaders Environmental Awareness Training.   
EN5110  12  Prepare a Plumbing Takeoff List (Plumbing I).  51K 
EN0594  12  Surveying IV (Construction Surveys).  82B 
CM2506  12  NBC Decontamination Concepts.  54B 
MU3210  12  Drum Majoring.   
CH0838  12  Practice of Ministry Paper.   
DI0210  12  Fundamentals of News Writing.  46Q 
SS0042  12  Frequency Management.   
EN0563  12  Painting II.  51B 
EN0064  12  Roads and Airfields I.   
AV5041  12  Direct Support Maintenance of RT–1167/AN/ARC–164(V) (SOJT).  35L 
MU4344  12  Traditional Harmony III (Alternative Voice Leading Principles).   
SS0732  12  Radio Set AN/GRC–103(V).  31M 
JA0112  12  Government Contract Law.   
SS9743  12  General Support Troubleshooting and Testing of Radio Set AN/GRC–106 (SOJT).  35E 
EN5112  11  Waste Systems (Plumbing III).  51K 
OD1640  11  Machine Shop Calculation.  914A 
FA6006  11  Theodolites, 0.2–mil and 0.002–mil.  82C 
IS7038  11  Leadership   
EN5111  11  Water Supply (Plumbing II).  51K 
TR0636  11  Rail Operations, Yard.  88U–W 
TR0655  11  Railway Rolling Stock.  88Q 
AD0416  11  Patriot Engagement Control Station (ESC) Operations.  14E 
CM7114  11  Chemical and Biological Operations.   
EN5114  11  Repair Valve and Fixture Control Devices (Plumbing V).  51K 
AV0534  11  Human Factors in Aircraft Accident Prevention.   
EN0533  11  Carpentry III.  51B 
MP1007  10  Military Police Controls (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures).   
IS1460  10  Effective Army Writing.   
IS1203  10  Service Benefits and Retirements.   
MP1015  10  CID Special Operations.   
IT0688  10  Identify Aircraft on Aerial Imagery.  96D 
MP1006  10  Law Enforcement Operations.   
MP1012  10  Criminalistics.   
MP1011  10  Criminal Investigations.   
EN5259  10  Diesel Fuel Systems.  62B 
MP0100  10  Reserve Component MPI Supplemental Materials.  95B/D 
SS0439  10  Set Poles, Install Anchors and Guys.  31L 
AV5036  10  Troubleshoot Radio Set AN/ARC–51BX.   
AD0423  10  Introduction to the Patriot Radar Set (RS).  14E 
AD0473  10  Patriot Information and Coordination Central (ICC) Operations.  14E 
SS0726  10  System Troubleshoot to Corrective Action AN/VRC–12 Series Radio Set with COMSEC Equipment, Part I.  31V 
IS3009.  10  Southwest Asia II.   
QM2064  10  Accounting for Property—Part II.   
MP1016  10  Testimonial Evidence.   
CH0586  10  Military Pastoral Ministry 1 (Spiritual & Professional Development).   
IS3008  10  Southwest Asia I.   
AD0700  10  Army Air Defense Operations.  14E/14M 
CM3201  10  Operation and Maintenance of the Tank and Pump Unit.  54B 
CM3204  10  Operation and Maintenance of the M3A4 Smoke Generator.  54B 
DI0351  10  Electronic Journalism II.  46R10 
DI0370  10  Television Lighting, Audio, and Scenery.  46R 
OD0462  10  Supervised Maintenance of the M198 Howitzer.  63Z 
DI0350  10  Electronic Journalism.  46R 
DI0340  10  Radio Broadcasting Techniques.  46R 
DI0240  10  Feature Writing and Editorials.  46Q 
FA6157  10  Operation of the AN/TPQ–36 and –37 Radar Sets (Part II).  13R 
DI0250  10  Still Photography for Journalists.  46Q 
IT0583  10  Strategic Intelligence.   
DI0310  10  Techniques of Broadcast Journalism.  46R 
CM2304  10  Planning Radiological and Chemical Surveys.  54B 
DL1101—DL1110  10  Russian Reading.   
EN0113  10  Construction Print Reading.   
CH4106  10  Training the Unit Ministry Team.   
MM5005  10  Radar Transmitter.  918 
IS0343  10  NBC First Aid.   
DI0220  10  Copy Editing.  46Q 
SS0522  10  Operation and Maintenance of Photographic Equipment.  25V 
DL3201—DL3210  10  Czech Listening. (presently unavailable)   
DL1201—DL1210  10  Russian Listening. (presently unavailable)   
DL2101—DL2110  10  Polish Reading.   
DL2201—DL2210  10  Polish Listening. (presently unavailable)   
DL3101—DL3110  10  Czech Reading.   
EN0562  10  Painting I.  51B 
MM9714  10  Receiver–Transmitter Radio RT–246/VRC and/or RT–524/VRC (SOJT).  35E, 35W, 918 
EN5453  10  Soils Engineering.   
MM0158  10  Ammunition Surveillance.  55B, 910A 
OD1747  10  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning I.  52C 
MM0324  10  FM Radio Receivers.  918 
OD1009  10  Maintenance Procedures.  63B 
FA8017  10  Field Artillery Split Battery RSOP and Marches.  13E 
PA0100  10  Introduction to Army Public Affairs.  46Q/R 
PA0110  10  Introduction to Command Information.  46Q/R 
FI0739  10  American Military History/Finance Corps History.   
FA3147  10  Maintenance Supervision of The M102 Howitzer.  13B 
MM0145  10  Identification of Ammunition.  55B, 910A 
MM0323  10  FM Radio Transmitters.  918 
QM6302  10  Combined Arms Support Part III.   
AV0587  10  Safety Management for the Supervisor.   
SS9783  10  Organizational Maintenance of Multiplexer Set AN/FCC–100(V).  29V 
OD1609  10  M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle: Turret.  63T 
SS9782  10  Operator’s Maintenance of Multiplexer Sets AN/FCC–100(V) and AN/FCC–100(V)IX.  29V 
SS9803  10  Install the Automatic Switchboard Telephone SB–3614A(V)/TT.  36M 
MM0168  10  Evaluate Conventional Ammunition Storage Operations, Part I.  55B, 910A 
MM0322  10  AM Radio Receivers.  918 
OD1672  10  Maintenance of the M88A1.  63D 
OD1608  10  M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle: Fire Control System.  63T 
SS0305  10  Operators and Organizational Maintenance of Radio Data Link, Sound Ranging AN/GRA–114.  35E 
PA0120  10  Introduction to Public Information.  46Q/R 


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